Transparent as a png; even on prices. 🤑

How much does an APP cost? How much is for a simple Website? 
Of course, every project is different, but after years of experience and plenty of projects we know we have the right solution for you. We cover all the basics, up to the full-optional solution. How? We keep studying and we are always up to date with last technologies and trends.
One example?  You choose the solution that fits your needs, or one of our best solution in one single step - as explained in the following tables - and pay it in BitCoin!


You Need a custom Solution?

Implementation, web integration, SEO strategy, Marketing and advertising or simple creative consultancy. Get in touch with us to receive a tailored proposal💍  for your custom project.


House Rules

As every host we take care of our guests. Like in every mansion there are rules to follow in the common area. The iceberg of web and digital services is unknown to the most: updates, compatibility, graphic adaptations, hosting alignment, code optimizations, colours, contents, SEO, broken links, user experience, screen sizes, third party softwares, etc... That's why an agency or a digital company is what you need if you are developing your digital strategy and want to keep all your assets under control and up to date.

DraculApp™ will provide individuals, SMB and corporate clients with SLA [Service Level Agreement] upon contract's signature. Most of the big companies that sells software and web services [Oracle, Symantec, Microsoft, ...] have up to 15 levels of different service's access. In order to standardise the maintenance while keeping the service tailored for every client's needs, we defined our support actions and details as follows:

Hosting Procedure **

  • Hosting Domain [if any] [** NOT Included]
  • Mail Server Management [if any] [** NOT Included]
  • Hack/Malware Protection
  • Cloud/Shared Backup [Contents only]

Standard Maintenance 

  • Content Updates
  • Website/Mobile App Basic Cosmetics
  • SEO/SEM Check/Status [if any]
  • Analytics/Metrics/DB Stats Reporting [if any]

Evolutionary Maintenance

  • Mobile APP Engine Bug Fix [if any]
  • Website Engine Updates [if any]
  • Plugin/DB/Mobile Version Updates [if any]
  • VM/Server Config and Tuning [if any]



Little bit confused?

Check our WEB GLOSSARY for any further clarification...